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The Environment and Us

We are fully committed to the environment and are aware of the impact we have as a responsible transport company. The way we use our fleet plays a major role in our environmental policy. We foster an environment where deliveries and collections are planned using our resources to their full potential, reducing empty running to make sure that when the wheels are turning, they are turning with a purpose.

  • We are totally committed to improving our practices in order to minimise the impact of our freight on the environment
  • We optimise our routes through our state of the art tracking system to reduce noise pollution, social distruption and diesel consumption
  • We also reduce emissions by our efficient vehicle fleet maintenance programme and ensure new vehicles are fitted with lighter components where possible
  • We regularly maintain and service our fleet to ensure maximum efficiency and minimise GHG emissions
  • We keep our usage of ‘non-organic’ vehicle cleaning detergents to a minimum
  • We will always listen to the Government, whether local or national on their views and opinions on what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We take account of environmental considerations such as developments in fuel and vehicle technology when acquiring new vehicles for our fleet
  • We are audited annually by TASCC and FORS to ensure we meet their stringent requirements

It’s the little things that make a BIG difference

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